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Oscilloscope Technical Specifications:

Analog channel  2
Digital channel have no
bandwidth(MHZ) 70
Maximum real-time sampling rate 500Msa/s
Vertical resolution 8bit
Vertical gear (1, 2, 5 steps) 10mv-5v (Probe gearx1), 100mv-50v(Probe gearx10), 1v-500v(Probe gear100)
Vertical accuracy +/-%3
impedance 1MΩ 25pF
Coupling method DC/AC
Display mode YT
Input voltage

40V(X1);400V(X10)Can measure 220V voltage;

(X100)Can measure 2000V voltage
Time base range 10ns-5s ,100ms-5s Scan mode(scan)
Storage depth 16K*2
Trigger mode Automatic, normal and single
Trigger type Rising edge, falling edge
automatic detection Support (50Hz-60MHz)
measurement Kurtosis, maximum, minimum, frequency, period, duty cycle, average, mean square
Cursor measurement Time, voltage
screen 4.5 inches, 16-bit true color,TFT,400X272
multimeter have no
Signal generator have
frequency Sine wave(1hz-20Mz),Square wave(1hz-5Mhz),Triangle wave / oblique wave(1hz-1Mhz)
Amplitude 100mv-4v
Duty cycle 0-100%
Offset +-(0-2V)
Output waveform type Sine wave, square wave, triangle wave / oblique wave
Serial Center have
Baud rate 115200-1200
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